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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the goals of this call?

    GDLab will fund innovative research that advances our knowledge of all types of existing inequalities faced by these vulnerable groups. The call for proposals seeks to fund research studies that:

    • Rigorously document the inequalities affecting these vulnerable groups with new and innovative data.

    • Explore the effectiveness of innovative programs and solutions that contribute to reducing inequalities.

  • Which topics will be prioritized?

    Preference will be given to proposals that focus on areas where there is still limited information due to lack of data and/or methodological challenges and those that focus on addressing the consequences of the economic and health crises associated with the COVID-19. Specifically, the following topics will be prioritized:

    • Recovery and creation of employment with a gender and inclusion perspective.
    • Prevention and care of victims of violence against women
    • Innovative models of care and healthcare for vulnerable populations
    • Innovative education models for vulnerable populations.
    • Migration patterns during the pandemic and its recovery.


    Due to the interest expressed by one of GDLab's donors, special consideration will be given to any proposals that include at least one country from Central America and/or Mexico.

    GDLab will also fund proposals that tackle structural inequalities among these vulnerable populations. For further information, please download the rules of this call for research proposals.

  • Who can apply?

    Any research team (or individual consultant), government, university or private sector institution can apply.

    Research teams should partner with an Inter-American Development Bank specialist before submitting the proposal. If no such coordination exists and the proposal is selected, the GDLab will facilitate the match of the research team with a Bank specialist that can contribute to the project on a technical level. Studies should focus in one or more of the Inter-American Development Bank’s borrowing member countries.




  • How are research projects selected?

    1. Teams submit their proposal (in Spanish or English).
    2. Evaluation Committee (composed of IDB specialists from different sectors) will screen the proposals according to the eligibility criteria.




  • What are the evaluation criteria?

    The Evaluation Committee will consider the following criteria: Relevance and innovation, data and methodology, implementation capacity, and scalability and replicability. For further information, please download the rules of this call for research proposals.




  • When are proposals due?

    This is a rolling call for research proposals so there is no submission deadline. The GDLab team will evaluate proposals received every 3 months, starting between June and August this year. The second review will take place between November this year and January, 2022.

Call - Action